Choosing a Nursery Continued.....

....more questions that you may wish to ask when visiting nurseries.

  • - What are the ages of the children in each room. How will you decide when and how my child progresses through the nursery?
  • - How do you observe my child’s development and report back to me?
  • - What is your strategy for continuity of care?
  • - Will my child have a key worker(s)?
  • - Can I see your complaints register?
  • - What is the early years free entitlement and how does this work?
  • - How will you keep my child safe?
    How will I be involved in this?
  • - How can I be involved in my child’s life at nursery?
  • - How do you manage staff absences with regard to ensuring you have the correct number of staff at all times.
  • - What is included in the fees?
    Are there additional charges for early starts or late finishes?
    Are Nappies and wipes provided?
"The nursery school is an extension of the function of the home, not a substitute for it; but experience has shown that it brings to the child such a great variety of benefits."
(Isaacs 1954)