Our fees are all inclusive and we do not charge any registration fees. All trips are also included in our fees.

The fee structure allows you to select hours of attendance to suit your needs and so achieve cost effective care for your child but please do feel free to discuss your individual requirements if this does not meet your exact needs.

Fees cover all of your child's meals, snacks, drinks, nappies, wipes and cows milk (parents are asked to provide formula milk which avoids any issues relating to allergies).

Meals include a 2 course home made lunch, a 2-course home-made tea. We freshly prepare and provide all home-made weaning purees which are produced following close consultation with the child’s parents.

All that you have to supply is 2 spare sets of clothing (maybe a little more if new to potty training), a toothbrush (even if your child does not have teeth), nappy cream and any other personal items, for example a dummy or favourite teddy.

Fees will vary depending on the age of your child and we offer special rates for teachers. From time to time we must review our costs and revise our fees. We always endeavour to keep increases to a minimum - fees will be revised in September 2015.

We give a discount of 10% from the TOTAL fees for two or more children.

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"The nursery school is an extension of the function of the home, not a substitute for it; but experience has shown that it brings to the child such a great variety of benefits."
(Isaacs 1954)